Westkust – “WESTKUST” (LP) Is On Bandcamp Now!

Westkust are a Swedish noise pop/shoegaze band formed in 2010. Their songs are filled with catchy dreamlike melodies and strong wall of sound guitars along with Julie Bjernelind’s lovely twee pop influenced vocals. They shared members with the Swedish post punk band Makthaverskan for their first album “Last Forever”, released in 2015. The band had also signed with Makthaverskan’s home label Luxury Records and released their first album in the United States on Run for Cover Records.

After their first album, the band’s lineup changed as Makthaverskan’s Gustav Andresson, Hugo Randulv and the founding bassist Rikard Hjort left. The remaining duo added guitarist Brian Cukrowski and bassist Par Karlsson. The lineup change influenced the band to strip down some of the dreaminess of their debut for more aggression and intensity in their music which led to their 2019 self titled album. The album highlights a more balanced approach between distorted noisy shoegaze along with their semi power pop songwriting.

Westkust are Julia Bjernelind on guitar and vocals, Brian Cukrowski on guitar, Par Karlsson on bass and Philip Söderlind on drums.