Tristan Tzara Joined To Mevzu Records!

Tristan Tzara is an early – 2000’s German Screamo/Hardcore influenced Emo Violence band which consists of members of Louise Cyphere. Before being disbanded, they released 2 LP’s between 2000 – 2002.

The band’s music is very similar t it’s genre’s precursors such as Orchid, Pg. 99 and Saetia – dark, chaotic and violent to the max. Guitar riffs, vocal patterns and drum and bass patterns of the music put the listeners in a state of existential crisis while urging them to smashing their heads to the wall. This emotional disorder expresses the dadaism movement and the disregarding, insignificant nature of dadaism in general, a major influence to the band. This discography consists of the two LP’s, live recordings and demos! Bon Appetite!

And here is the diy limited physical copies of the Tristan Tzara – Discography with facebook censorship. If you want one hit us up!