The Moon Illusion – Dog Days (EP) Out Now!

(Re)formed on the New Years Eve of 2018, The Moon Illusion is a 4-piece Gothic Rock/Shoegaze/Post-Punk Revival infused band from Ankara, Turkey; consisting of Tuna Akar on vocals, Mertkan Akçalı on guitars, Alper Önen on bass and Taylan Gürler on drums. Focusing on dark hypnotizing distortion, TMI also intends to push the boundaries between bone crushing moshes and existentialist crisis on stage.

Moon Illusion’s first EP, Bedlam Stories, is released in autumn 2019 with the music video, Coil, first song TMI ever wrote and recently their second EP, Dog Days, is released with the new video, Wound. Both EP’s are released from Mevzu Records.