ria – “Nafile” Official Video Is Out!

After their first demo “Kapkaranlık”, İstanbul based Post Hardcore/Screamo band “ria” is getting ready to release their 8-song debut album called “Mono No Aware” which is recorded by Alican Erbaş at Mayday Studios, mixed by the band’s drummer Coşkun Yüce and mastered by Will Killingsworth who’s played guitar/bass for well known acts such as Orchid, Ampere, Vaccine, Bucket Full of Teeths, No Faith, Longings, Failures at 3 of June!

This is the first single of the album called “Nafile”!

Director: Mutlu Oral
DoP: Eren Bilgiç
Assistant Director: Ege Sorkun
Edit/Color: Mutlu Oral

Mix: Coşkun Yüce
Master: Will Killingsworth

Thanks: Karga Bar, Mrt Murat Seçkin, Emin Kurt, Nazan Aydın, Mehmet Ali Gergin.