Parazit & Mevzu Presents: Backover / Herkestam / Midvil

On the 7th of December, there will be sounds of subculture raising from Kadıköy Karga! Bands that have embraced the D.I.Y will be sharing the same stage as well as sharing different types of genres:  Heavy Psych/Psychedelic Rock band Midvil, Experimental Hip-Hop band Herkestam and Hardcore Punk band Backover.

★ Backover
Backover is a Hardcore Punk gang that was formed in 2017! Some members of Hedonistic Noise and Asperger played in Backover and band took its present form when Yasin joined the team after Zafer left. Staying loyal to Hardcore traditions on their debut single ”Black Sheep” with being aggressive, melodic and dynamic; They will be playing on 7th of December at Kadıköy Karga with a staggering performance.

Yasin Uğur Güder, Emre Terzioğlu, Alican Kahraman, Ozan Güner

★ Herkestam
Emiladil and Geo Karabacakis started making music together in 2005 with the name of ”Tales.” After that, they released multiple albums that consist of multiple genres:  “Pi Sayısı”, “Temizlik”  and “Öteki” 
After joining M4NM, they released a single called “Sessiz” and showed up in compilations of M4NM. While recording their new album, they changed the band’s name to “Herkestam.” Their album ”Tuhaf” was released on 27th of April, 2018.

Geo Karabacakis ; Vocals
Emiladil ; Music
 Ayhan Akbaş ; Guitars
 Bravo Tayfun İnce ; Drums

★ Midvil
Firstly formed in 2014, Midvil took its present form with the collaboration of Doğan, Ahmet ve Buğra.
They shared their LP ”Great Journey” with the universe at the end of the year 2017.