Mevzu Records Label Night #1

Mevzu Records Label Night series start in Eskişehir with four horsemen of apocalypse!

Tickets:  15 TL
Door: 19.30

  • Asperger / 20.00 – 20.30
  • Hedonistic Noise / 20.45 – 21.15
  • Drunk High Jinks / 21.30 – 22.00
  • Lifelock / 22.15 – 23.00

Drunk High Jinks , Punk Rock (ESKİŞEHİR)

It was formed in 2008 by Ali Demirci. They released their albums ”Çöplük Günler” and ”Böyleydi” in 2018.

Asperger, Punk Rock (İSTANBUL)

It was formd in 2015 after Berkan ve Zafer came together. It took its final-ish form after Atakan on bass guitar and Ozan on second guitar joined the band.  Yasin joined the band in 2018. They released albums, all of which are not legal, as well as one LP and an EP.


Hedonistic Noise , Punk Rock / Garage Punk (İSTANBUL)

nofap noporn hardcore punk band from kadıköy.

Lifelock , Punk Rock (İSTANBUL)

Having influences of genres from Punk Rock to thrash and similar genres, 3 pieced Lifelock continue its existence for 18 years. Their EP ”Under Pressure” was released in 2005 and now they are almost done recording their new album.

Mevzu Records is a multidisciplinary movement embracing the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) principles. It aims to bring together people who refuse to to close their eyes to facts, those who insist on performing their own dances in the great show taking place all around us, and who are fueled by near-extinct humane emotions while doing so. It is always welcomes individuals and groups who don’t recognize artificial barriers like nationality, race or gender.