Mevzu Presents: Hate Moss Turkey Marathone #2


Mevzu Records is at it again!

The London based post-punk, electroclash duo Hate Moss will be touring Turkey briefly in June, before their November 2019 Mexico tour, and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

After releasing their first single “Honey” in June 2018, the band toured in the UK, Brazil and Italy. They performed in events such as Florence Tattoo Convention and Locomotiva Festival in São Paulo, and shared the stage with other musical acts like Rakta, Odradek, Menores Atos and Boogarins. Nowadays, Hate Moss is preparing to tour the UK and Europe along with the release of their upcoming debut album in May 2019: “LIVE TWOTHOUSANDHATEIN”

In the second stage of the tour which will be held at Upstage in Izmir, Hate Moss will share the stage with the feminist riot grrrl trio from Ankara, Secondhand Underpants, and the brand new emotional screamo band from Izmir, 330.