Drunktank – Return of The Infamous Four

Released July 26, 2019

Track Lıstıng

1.  We Want More
2. Hammer of Justice
3. Waste Away
4. Green Button
5. Hellraisers
6. Courage Of A Few
7. Raising The Bar
8. Army Of Darkness
9. Darker Side
10. Return of The Infamous Four



The album “Return Of The Infamous Four” has been mixed and mastered by Cederick Forsberg (Blazon Stone, Rocka Rollas) and features ten fast paced, no frills, highly singalong tracks. The first single and music video for the album will be the opening track “We Want More”.


“Return Of The Infamous Four” is the long awaited follow-up to their classic album “The Infamous Four” from 2010. Drunktank brings fast, melodic, singalong 90’s skatepunk in the tradition of Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords and Burning Heart bands, combined with riffs and guitar harmonics from 80’s metal.

The album is a collection of the best songs written in the period 2011-2018 by current and former band members. Most of Drunktank’s former members joined the recording process of this album and contributed backing vocals, which makes this a recording by the Drunktank family.