Chivàla and Suirami’s New Split Album Is Out Now!

NEW SPLIT FROM CHIVÀLA AND SUIRAMI! Italian Post Rock Influenced Screamo/Post Hardcore act Chivàla unite forces with their Italian comrades Emotive Post Hardcore band Suirami in this brand new split!

Chivàla already released their brand new material titled “27 Marzo” from the monumental split which is released in Vinyl form by Longrail Records (IT), Non Ti Seguo Records (IT), Tifone Crew (IT), Lostdog Records (IT), Equal Right (IT), Strigide Records (IT), TimTam (GER), Yoyodyne Records (FR), Callous Records (UK), Missed Out Records (US), Les Disques Rabat-Joie (CAN), Akira (Motorpool Records) (JAP) tarafından and in cassette form by No Funeral Records (CAN). And now, it will be released in CD form by MEVZU RECORDS at December 2nd!