Padme – The Fine Line Between Being Conscious and Self Harm

Released May 27, 2020

Track Lıstıng

1.  Crossing the Line
2. Death to Denham’s Dentifrice
3. End of the World
4. Can’t Catch Me
5. 17
6. Whose Decision Is It to Make?
7. B.Y.B.Ş.Y.
8. Clash
9. Eğitimin Önemi
10. BiZ İsTeYeReK Mi YaPıYoRuZ saNki?
11. My Feet Hurt
12. Apathy



Recorded at: Street Music Studio, Tel Aviv (Neta Gofen)
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Mulet and Jamie McMann
Artwork by Ozan Noiz

Special thanks to:
Street Music Studio and Gofen for inviting us to record there,
And Evya, Spiler, Berlinsky, Ludwig, Gutzy, and Yuli for hosting us at their homes. And thanks to our homeboy Bilal for the beautiful trumpets in “Apathy”.


Packed with speed, noise, rage, action, terror, and grief, Padme’s third studio album “The Fine Line Between Being Conscious and Self Harm” is now available on Youtube, Bandcamp, and Spotify!! Get ready everyone!!!!