Genre: Punk Rock, Skate Punk
Members: Toprak Faik (vocals, guitars), Orhan (drums, backing vocals), Arda (bass, backing vocals), Ozan Noiz (guitars, backing vocals)
Past Members: Ahmet (bass, backing vocals) (2015-17)

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Years Active: 2015 – present


We’re from Istanbul, Erdoğanland. We were formed in 2015 and we released our debut EP “Re-Vizyon” in 2016, our first LP album “Bugün” in 2017, and our second LP “IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13” in 2018. Our songs are mostly about our day to day social and political struggle, and how we’re trying to cope while trying to breathe under this neo-sultanate reign. In 2017 and 2018, we played some festivals in Greece, such as B-Fest, Festival Vrisis Tirnavou. And in winter 2019, we embarked on our first European Tour and we played 12 shows across Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland. And shortly after, on June 2019, we did our second tour, we went to Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. And in August, we went to Israel to record our third studio album, with the help of our friends. And to this day, we’re still continuing to contaminate what we have to say.