Glabrezu – Reinforce the Chaos

Released October 2, 2020

Track Lıstıng

1.  Intro
2. Perversion Reigns
3. Scavenger Humanoid
4. Get Nothing Return
5. Amınoğlu
6. Reverse Evolution
7. Lie
8. Scum Disposal



Recorded at Jamsession Studios (by Erhan Kabakçı)
Mixed and mastered by Erhan Kabakçı
Artwork by Dağhan Diren

Glabrezu is: Dağhan, Emir, Turancan, Eren


Mevzu’s 73rd product is by Glabrezu! The new LP by the Eskişehir-based Crust / Grindcore band Glabrezu “Reinforce The Chaos” is now available under Mevzu Records! You’re going to have dark, black, pitch black blood flowing in your veins from now on because the album is now available on Youtube, Spotify and Bandcamp. CHARGE!!!!!