Eva Ras – Meni nije svejedno // ​Kada odlaziš

Released November 23, 2020

Track Lıstıng

1.  Recess
2. Scratch my back & i’ll stab you in yours
3. Erase this integrity & it’s all gone
4. This letter
5. Nothing
6. …It’s not whatever
7. No one will save you
8. Svaka Vam Cast!!
9. Prefiksi koji bas ne stoje dobro
10. Sovinizam
11. Dekonstrukcija Yugoviolence
12. Koreografija za “Kako umreti br. 666”
13. What is nothing?
14. When You Leave



Track [1 to 6] from “Meni nije svejedno” EP
Track [7 to 14] from “Kada odlaziš” EP

Mixed and mastered by Eva Ras

Eva Ras is: Filip (guitar, vocals, drums)


Eva Ras is a solo emoviolence project based in Belgrade, Serbia, 2016. The name is taken from a famous Yugoslavian black wave actress Eva Ras. Meni nije svejedno starts off with 6 tracks of lament and broken dreams and Kada Odlazis… takes steps further with 8 more tracks, with the final track contemplating closure to its painful past. The double EP is an existential journey of pain, broken dreams, frustration and acceptance.