Çıkıntı – Entropist Lehçe

Released February 24, 2021

Track Lıstıng

1.  Alametifarika
2. Rutubetli Kutu
3. En Uzun Gece
4. Just Killing



Produced by Teo
Mixed and Mastered by Coşkun Yüce
Artwork by Meravdes


The 87th product of Mevzu, sent to us via e-mail at the address of çıkıntı@hotmail.com, (although it was in the SPAM folder in the first place) BANGING with its brand new tracks that flow with fluidity and adorned with dark feelings, the REŞAT GOLD OF ALTERNATIVE HIPHOP community based in Istanbul from “Entropist Polish” is now online! The production of the 10-minute new EP consisting of four tracks is from Teo …. ALL YOURS TO LISTEN. HERE YOU GO.