Abstract Sense – Realm

Released October 8, 2020

Track Lıstıng

1. Bomb Ritual
2. Threshold
3. Burning
4. Edge of The End
5. The Way (The World Goes)
6. Withdraw
7. Jizz Jazz
8. Realm
9. Tomorrow



NOIZ – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Mix, Artwork
Drums are programmed in Hydrogen drum machine software. (big thanks to them for making it available for free)

Drums on ”Jizz Jazz” – Steve Hynes
Trumpets on ”Jizz Jazz” – Deney
Guest vocals on ”Edge of The End” – Zafer

Recorded in Noiz’s bedroom in Istanbul and in his flat in Brussels aka. ”NOIZ Studios”
Mastered on Emastered.com


Abstract Sense’s first full-length album released under Mevzu Records.

”I spent one full year working on this album and put my everything into it. Hope you will enjoy what you hear.”